Old English Font Style Helmet Name Decal

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This helmet name LOOKS BEST when the first letter is CAPITAL and the rest is lower case. All upper case is very hard to read.

Please note that the OLD ENGLISH font is only available in the 6" and above sizes due to the complexity of the font. This font CANNOT be used for large words or name in the 6" size due to the small pieces. Please use your judgement when using this font in reference to the amount of letters.

Powercallsirens is your number one source for helmet names. We can make your name straight, arched, small, large and in just about any color scheme. Some of our key points to our helmet names are below. If you need something special or a specific dimension, feel free to contact us.

  • Remember that the more letters you have, the smaller the letters get. This option is typically used for last names. If you decide to spell your full name out, the letters typically are much smaller. (There is no minimum or maximum, but the rules above apply)

  • All Helmet names are made from the best reflective vinyl on the market today, lasting the longest unless your burn it off.

  • Helmet names are all "Die" cut, and all on one piece, so when you apply it, give it a few minutes and pull the application tape back and the name will be the only thing that shows.

  • Names are available in 3.5" wide, 6" Wide, 9" wide and 12". Choose from Straight or Arched. Remember that the 6" (Medium) is what you put on the back brim of helmets most of the time. We recommend arched as well.

  • We have all kinds of colors available. Reflective Red, Black, White, Green, Orange, Blue, Gold, Silver leaf, Diamond Plate, Gold Leaf, USA Style and much more.