Window Stickers - Convert your design to artwork

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At Powercall Sirens, we do all of our own artwork and drawing. I've been drawing my customers designs for almost 30 years. You are guaranteed to always going to get the best looking drawing and design. As always, we will always proof your design before we post if for you, ensure it's exactly what you want.

We have 3 main styles of Drawing/Vector Creating. Our Basic which is $45.00, is the most common that we do. This will cover most designs. The other option we have is the Advanced which is a more detailed design, which generally takes longer and requires extensive drawing time. Finally, the Extensive drawing, which will take about 4-5 days and requires major extensive customizations. If for any reason we need to upgrade or downgrade, we'll contact you prior to beginning.

Generally, the turnaround time on most items is 24/48 hours and then you will receive a proof. Once you confirm the proof and we make any necessary changes, then your logo is ready to go.