Collection: Engraved Accountability Tags

Powercall Sirens custom engraves all our our own accountability tags. They are made in Northern Virginia, by Firefighters. Each one of our tags is custom engraved the way you need them. Each one of these tags can have 2 lines of text on them. Please do your best to explain the text you need on each tag. Tags can have different text on them or you can choose to have them all the same. This specific product only allows for text on the tags. If you are looking to have your logo put on as well, please see that option in our other items.

Each one of our tags uses a high-quality Lasermax 1/16" Engraving plastic, which is what is most common for accountability tags. Each tag has the option of just a blank back tag or choose to have Velcro put on the back which is what is most common. When you receive your tags, the front will be covered by masking tape to protect them in transit. You will then need to use a pair of scissors to cut your tags apart. Each one will be custom laser cut but it will be your responsibility to cut the Velcro once you receive your tags. This is a very easy task and guarantees that all your tags are together when you receive them.

We have a variety of different color schemes available. What is most common is what you see in the drop-down list and what most fire departments use around the world.

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