Window Sticker - Gold Leaf Style Vinyl Helmet Name Decal

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We can make your name straigh or arched using an awesome "Imitation Goldleaf material" and reflective shadow background. Some of our key points to our helmet names are below. If you need something special or a specific dimension, feel free to contact us.

  • Remember that the more letters you have, the smaller the letters get. This option is typically used for last names or names that will fit on the back of your helmet. I DON'T RECOMMEND this option for names with tons of letters as it just does not look good.
  • All of these helmet names are made using an "Imitation Goldleaf" material, followed by a shadow or outline using the best 3M reflective viny. Our decals have the longest lasting material and show up AWESOME!

  • Helmet names are all "Die" cut, and all on one piece, so when you apply it, give it a few minutes and pull the application tape back and the name will be the only thing that shows.