Varsity dual color DROP SHADOW letters & numbers

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When ordering these decals, YOU MUST ENTER THE AMOUNT OF CHARACTERS YOU WANT IN THE QUANTITY BOX. i.e. Explain that you want FIERSTIEN, you would put 9 in the quantity box.
These letters and number are my DROP SHADOW style symbols. Each symbol has a lower right DROP SHADOW as shown in the picture. This is different from our STANDARD SHADOW. My Dual color letters and numbers have "2 LAYERS". The "Top Layer" in the main part of the symbol, like in the picture, the "RED" would be the main part of the symbol or the "Top Layer". The BLACK in the sample is the "OUTLINE COLOR". This is the color that outlines the main part of the symbol.

My company uses the best 3M Vinyl to cut the letters and numbers of your choice. Choose from a variety of Reflective colors to suit your needs. Each decal is die cut and has a layer of application tape over the top to assist you with the application. Sizes and colors are available via the choice menu's!
If you want all of your characters on a single strip, just explain that in the field where you type in the item(s) you want.