TRUMP 2024 12 Piece Trump Keep America Great 8.6" x 3" Bumper Sticker 12 Pack

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Each decal is 8.6" x 3" and is made out of standard outdoor vinyl. Easy peel and stick application.
EACH DECAL IS UV LAMINATED and has extended outdoor life, a step above most sellers!

ALL of our order now require tracking to guarantee delivery. Unfortunatley, I can no longer just ship basic envelopes because there is no guarantee they will arrive properly. Having tracking on all of my orders will GUARANTEE delivery. Thanks for your understanding.

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Each  bumper sticker is 5.5" x 3.4". Check each listing for exact dimensions as some may be different.

If you are interested in customizing any of our decals, PLEASE send us a message on eBay and we'll do our best to get back to you. We're always up for a few good ideas for our bumper stickers.

Detailed instructions on how to apply the decal are included with your shipment. Improper application is not covered under any type of warranty and does not warrant free replacement.

You are guaranteed the best material, best product and best service. Feel free to message us on eBay for any questions or special requests.

All Hats are shipped in Boxes. Decals are shipped in envelopes that have tracking information. I no longer ship basic envelopes as they cannot be tracked or guaranteed by eBay.

Powercall Sirens and Jake Designing print all of our own bumper stickers. Our graphics are an easy peel and stick application and last years on your vehicle. Feel free to contact us if we can make anything special for you. All made in the USA. Than you again for your business!
We are a custom garment/graphic company that makes what our customers ask. Everyone has different belief's, different views and different candidates who they choose to back. We are here to make "What you want". PLEASE remember this when viewing our products. We have various products for various subjects and political figures. We are happy to be able to make these products for you and thank you for your business. Blessings to all of you.