Runnin' To The Rescue Decal

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PLEASE REMEMBER that the single color decals are "DIE CUT". This means that the middle sections are transparent. Whatever surface you apply them to will be seen through areas of the decal.

Decals that have full designs inside are not Die Cut and cover the area that you apply them to.
Our decals are available in sizes from 2" Tall (Helmet/Hard Hat Size) up to 34" Tall.
The standard size for a helmet or hard hat is 2" tall and reflective material.
The standard size for window decals is 4" non reflective material.
They are printed on the best 3M Non-reflective and Reflective Material on the market today. Generally, each item has a layer of "Clear" application tape over the top of the decal to assist you with proper application. This layer MUST BE REMOVED once the decal is applied. Please take special note of this as it is commonly forgot.
Each item is made to go on the OUTSIDE of your vehicles window, the body or bumper of your vehicle or any flat surface. The vinyl is NOT made to go on clothing or wood.  All of our decals are die cut so there are no square or rectangular backgrounds.
There are quantity discounts that get automatically applied to your order, depending on the amount of items in your cart. The quantity discount table is shown on the listing.