Reflective PRINTED DIAMOND PLATE Helmet Crescent Pair

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This listing gives you the ability to choose from our normally stocked crescents. These are standard NFPA approved decals that have the most normal saying on them. If you think we have missed one, drop us a note!

Reflective white crescent with most any color text.
Our helmet crescent pairs are made from the best reflective vinyl on the market today. 3M or Oracale material brands. Each comes in a "Pair" (One for each side), one for the left and one for the right. Each decal is an easy peel and stick application and has one of the longest lasting life spans of any vinyl on the market today. Each graphic is digitally printed and guaranteed to be the best quality on the market. See below for the dimensions of this particular crescent pair. This is commonly called our "Type 1" crescent pair and fit's most "Salad Bowl" or "Technical Rescue" type helmets.