Powercall BAC3 PLUS Powercall/Air Horn/PA System

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The Powercall BAC3 Plus is a 100 Watt Electronic Powercall Siren, Air Horn and Public Address (PA) System. The unit is made to be hooked to any 100 watt, 11ohm siren speaker. This product comes with the main base unit and a remote head that has an on/off toggle that controls the Powercall Tone, a momentary button for your electronic air horn and a 3 pin connector for your microphone. All you need to purchase, if you do not have one already is a siren speaker, like our Powercall 6DX unit or any other comparable 100 watt driver. Remember that YOU CANNOT hook 2 units to one speaker. This will result in you permanently damaging one of the units.

The dimensions of the BAC-3 are 5.25"T x 5W" x 1.25H". The unit has mounting tabs on each side for easy installation and a wiring terminal strip on the unit, for ease of connection. The base has a wiring guide/label on it and the installation is very easy. The remote controller for this unit is 4.5"L x 2.25"W x 1.75"H.

The remote head has a large, long wiring harness so the installation should be very simple. You may need to extend the wire, depending on your vehicles application. This remote head also has left and right mounting tabs so you can put it wherever you choose.

***The BAC3 Plus is in stock and available!**