KPVFC 47 Winter Hat Customer Design

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Navy Blue Winter Cuff Hat

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Our customer designed embroidered winter hats are posted for your re-ordering convienence. There are NO MINIMUMS and QUANTITY DISCOUNTS. Our website automatically calculateS quantity discounts for customer ordering quantities over 6, 12, 24, 36 and more. See below for the quantity discount table. These discounts are shown on your final checkout screen.

Purchase 1-6 Hats Normal Price
Purchase 6-11 Hats 5% Discount
Purchase 12-23 Hats 7% Discount
Purchase 24 - 35 Hats 10% Discount
Purchase 36-49 Hats 20% Discount
Purchase 50-74 Hats 25% Discount
Purchase 75-99 Hats 30% Discount
Purchase 100 Hats Forward 40% Discount

You have the option of multiple hat colors for your regular and winter style hats. The colors and styles are shown below. Choose which hat color you desire and your customization options for each line. Navy Blue and Black are what are most common, but we stock all the colors shown, for a multitude of options. If you need a special size or have questions, feel free to email us!

You have the option as well to put your name on the back, which is generally about 1/2" tall by whatever the length is, which is just a few additional bucks!