John Wayne Time Bullard Helmet Trapezoid Decal

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Custom Fire Helmet Tetrahedron Stickers

At Powercall Sirens, we use the best 3M reflective material to cut our helmet trapezoids. We have the standard size of reflective trapezoid decals- 1.75"h x 2.25"w. and we have the "Bullard" style trapezoid which measures 2.25" x 2.21. Multi-colored helmet trapezoids are printed on reflective with a digital media printer. The trapezoid is still reflective, but colors printed on them may reduce reflectivity.

Our basic trapezoids decals are available in many colors including reflective Black, White, Red, Blue Green, Orange, Gold and Yellow.  This material is the NFPA approved material, as seen on Firetruck, Police Cars, Buses, Cabs and many more vehicles. Cut just for you by David Fierstien and Powercall Sirens!