Adjustable USA Tower Style Embroidered Hat

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Our embroidered "Sportsman AH30" hats can be fully customized to you or your company. Each of our hats has it's own special customization depending on the layout of the design, all which can be fully custom made for you with NO MINIMUMS. Our website automatically calculated quantity discounts for customer ordering quantities over 6, 12, 24, 36 and more. See below for the quantity discount table.


Purchase 1-6 Hats Normal Price
Purchase 6-11 Hats 5% Discount
Purchase 12-23 Hats 7% Discount
Purchase 24 - 35 Hats 10% Discount
Purchase 36-49 Hats 20% Discount
Purchase 50-74 Hats 25% Discount
Purchase 75-99 Hats 30% Discount
Purchase 100 Hats Forward 40% Discount

You have the option of 7 different colors for your hat. See below for the full color chart. These hat's are the Sportsman AH30 hat. Choose which hat color you desire and your customization options for each line. Navy Blue and Black are what are most common, but we stock all the colors shown, for a multitude of options. If you need a special size or have questions, feel free to email us!

If you request it, your design can be posted to our website under the "Custom Hat Designs " page, so you and your friends can go back later and order them. If you cannot find your design at a later date or need to have one posted, just contact us and we'll be happy to put it right up for you! It only takes a few minutes, that way all of your people can see it and place their own orders.


You have the option as well to either put your name on the back of this hat as well. There is not enough room for a larger flag or maltese due to the opening and latch. You can have up to 2 lines of text arched on the back, but 1 line is most common.


AH30 Hat Pictures